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Privacy Policy
In light of the importance of personal information protection, Daiwa Group Co., Ltd. (from here on referred to as "the group"), complies with and handles personal information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law and other ordinances and guidelines, and takes appropriate measures in the secure management of information. The group provides thorough education and training to staff and takes steps to ensure the correct handling of personal information.
It also makes appropriate revisions and improvements to its measures relating to the handling, and secure management, of personal information.
Use of personal information
The use of personal information shall be limited to the range necessary for the purposes below, and shall be conducted so as not to infringe on the customers' rights. Customers who wish to stop receiving notifications should inform the group.
(1) Notification of legal inspections, mandatory vehicle inspections, insurance expiration, information related to products, services, events and campaigns by postal mail, telephone or email.
(2) Questionnaires related to product development and improving customer satisfaction by postal mail, telephone or email.
(3) Credit judgments and credit management
Personal information management and protection
(1) The group shall appoint a personal information administrator, conduct appropriate management and implement measures to prevent the external leakage of information. The group shall endeavor to protect the personal information of customers by maintaining appropriate and reasonable safety measures and standards to prevent unauthorized access from external sources, loss, damage, or falsification of information. Access to databases containing personal information shall be limited to personnel with access authorization, and databases shall be closely monitored to prevent unauthorized access and usage within the group.
(2) In order to provide customers with improved service, the group may outsource some areas of operation. In such cases, affiliated companies and contractors (from here on referred to as "outsourced contractors") who are confirmed to be implementing appropriate measures concerning the handling of personal information, shall be selected and bound by contracts containing clauses regarding the management of personal information, non-disclosure, and the prohibition of sharing information, in order to prevent the leakage of personal information.
Personal information provision
The group shall not disclose or share customers' personal information with a third party other than outsourced contractors, without the agreement of the customer. However, personal information of the customer or the customer's guarantor may be disclosed without the agreement of the customer should there be a legal requirement to do so, or if it is requested by a court of law or law enforcement institutions.
Personal information disclosure and amendments
In the case a customer requests the disclosure of his or her personal information, the group will disclose the information without delay, providing such action does not seriously impede on business activities or threaten to harm the life, person, assets or other interests of the individual. To acquire the specified documents for disclosure and other requests, and for any other inquiries related to customer information, please contact the information counter at the address and telephone number shown below. A handling fee of 1000 yen (including tax) for each personal information disclosure item and postage will be charged.
For inquiries regarding the handling of customers' personal information:
Daiwa Group Co., Ltd.
3-11-2 Takiyama, Higashikurume City, Tokyo 203-0033
Tel: +81-42-475-1271
(2) The group shall respond to customer requests for the amendment or deletion of his or her personal information, and shall make any necessary amendments or deletions without delay.
Internal regulation system
The group has internal regulations based on this privacy policy regarding personal information protection. All executives and staff are given a clear policy regarding the handling of personal information and endeavor to protect such information. There is also an internal auditing system in place to ensure the sufficient handling and protection of personal information.
The above clauses are reviewed regularly, and the group constantly implements revisions and improvements regarding the handling of customers' personal information.
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