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Corporate Principles and Greeting from the President
Let's all become happy! To do that, first, let's make the customers happy.
Everyone becoming happy.
Customers, clients and employees.
More than now, and from now on.
We welcome the major turning points of the eras, and continue to progress and move with the times.
In 2010, in order to promote further growth together with our customers and stakeholders, we restructured the organization and established Daiwa Group Co., Ltd., and became a holdings company.
The group consists of three companies - Honda Cars Saitamaminami Co., Ltd., Motoren Toto Co., Ltd. and Fivestar Toto Co., Ltd., and we strive as an entity to increase vitality and invigoration in order to create the closest connections to our customers.
Our journey to the place we are today began in 1968 when we established Daiwa Jidosha Co., Ltd. We handled the sales of domestically produced used vehicles, and started with only three employees, including myself.
We were never satisfied with our present situation, and aggressively conducted business for our customers. Not long after, we were confronted with the first oil crisis of 1973. At that time, our leading product was the sports car. Such vehicles have high fuel consumption, and so we were facing a hard battle to win sales. However, we knew that we could not disappoint our customers all over the country who loved sports cars. We continued to stock aggressively so the number of products our dealership held did not decrease.
I am a person who started a company fuelled by a dream with cars at the core. I clearly remember being prepared to pursue my dream even if it got the better of me! As a result, we could maintain the support of our customers and move forward despite the harsh economic climate. Trust customers and constantly work to exceed their expectations. The roots of this are found in that unforgettable turning point.
Since then, as an official dealer of Honda, BMW and Chrysler, we have continued to grow, in order to become established in the community and to be able to assist customers with their car related inquiries. Cars are products of the times, and models, functions and brands are constantly changing. However, our spirit, cultivated from those early experiences, does not change, and we continue to push forward.
That spirit is not about prioritizing immediate profit, but looking closely to discern what customers want at this present time. When this becomes visible, we act fast and inspect and review to see if real customer satisfaction was achieved. For us, this is everything, and the answers are always with the customers.
We want to be a company that brings even more happiness and dreams to all our customers and shareholders. Also, as employees of the group, we hope that our daily work can bring us closer to such joy and ambition. That is also our credo.
Every one of us has individuality and our own dreams. I believe that if such individuality and dreams create synergy, each one of us can become a brand that promises value that exceeds the customers' expectations. We will continue to do our utmost to achieve our goals.
We thank you for your unwavering support.
Haruo Yumoto
Daiwa Group Co., Ltd.
President and Representative Director
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